Industrial Shelving

Industrial Shelving is the most versatile and commonly used storage product.

Produced in a variety of configurations there is a shelving solution to suit your space and needs.

Light Duty Shelving

Our light duty shelving system is simple and sturdy. A modern, boltless shelving solutions that is easy to build and adaptable to keep up with fast paced ever changing office and warehouse environments.

Light duty shelving is perfect for storing light to medium duty loads. With an array of available add-ons to maximise the use of your shelving system including shelf dividers, drawers, door sets and more.

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Heavy Duty Shelving (Longspan)

Commonly known as Longspan heavy duty shelving, much like pallet racking, consists of frames and beams – this allows for a substantial weight to be stored on each level.

Heavy duty shelving comes in a variety of heights, widths, depths and has a selection of add-ons to accommodate large, bulky, awkward products. Add-ons include garment hanging rails, exhaust hooks, circular tyre racking beams, chipboard decking and more.

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Multi-Tier Shelving

Multi-Tier Shelving is a structure that is supported by the shelving itself eliminating the need of columns or structural supports commonly used on a mezzanine floor, thus maximising the available storage space. Multi-Tier Shelving systems are great solutions for drastically increasing storage by utilising the full height of your warehouse, they are also great when floor space is limited.

Multi-Tier Shelving is easy to install minimising disruption to your operations.

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Carton Live Shelving

Carton live shelving is designed to improve picking efficiency and increase storage within a given footprint by decreasing aisles needed. Carton live shelving consists of roller tracks, boxes are loaded onto the tracks from the rear and gravity-fed to the pick face in a ‘First In First Out’ process.

Once the box at the front of the bay is picked the boxes behind roll forward creating a space at the rear for another box to be loaded this greatly improves picking efficiency by reducing walking distances required by operatives.

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Mobile Shelving

By installing your shelving system on a mobile base, which moves along rails controlled by and easy to turn wheel, you can condense or drastically increase your storage capacity as only one aisle is required. Aesthetically pleasing, this shelving system is used mostly in an office environment for file and archive box storage, but it is not unique to this environment and can be adapted to suit a number of settings.

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