Industrial Partitioning

Core Projects offer a diverse range of partitioning options suiting several environments.

Modular in design, industrial partitioning is cost effective, attractive, and easy to build.

Single Skin Partitioning

Single Skin Partitioning is used in a number of environments, such as, factory or warehouses, perfect for creating dedicated work or manufacturing areas. Single Skin Partitioning is used where appearance is important, but a Double Skin Partitioning is not necessary.

Quick and easy to build Single Skin Partitioning panels are bolted to the ground meaning each panel is demountable making it easy to replace individual panel or relocate. Single Skin Partitioning comes in standard sizes as well as bespoke to suit your needs, included tiered applications to create factory or warehouse dividing walls.

Single Skin Partitioning comes in a variety of configurations: All steel, steel/glass/steel, steel/mesh, and all mesh.

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Double Skin Partitioning

Double Skin Partitioning is an aesthetically pleasing, cost effective, easy to build solution where a clean finish is required inside and out. Ideal for creating offices, storage or security areas, Double Skin Partitioning is available in both non-fire and fire rated options.

Double Skin Partitioning sit snugly in a fixed floor channel, panels lock into one another with an interlocking channel. Modular in Double Skin Partitioning is easy to reconfigure or move.

Double Skin Partitioning is available in a variety of configurations: All steel, steel/glass/steel and double-glazed units.

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Machine Guarding Partitioning

Machine Guarding Partitioning is specifically designed to create a more efficient and safe production process by protecting operatives and in turn the production operation.

Machine Guarding Partitioning is manufactured in line with the European Machinery Directive, ANSI/RIA and CSA standards making this partitioning the optimal product of its kind.

Modular in design, Machine Guarding Partitioning is a flexible solution offering a tailored solution to suit a number of production environments.

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Cleanroom Partitioning

Cleanroom Partitioning is designed to create an environment where airborne particles are controlled to specific limits. Cleanroom Partitioning is used in a multitude of industries where small particles can affect the manufacturing process, such as, hospitals, medical and aerospace manufacturing.

Cleanroom Partitioning design features include the use of a HEPA filter to trap particles, walls, doors and windows are flush with minimal joints to make cleaning easy.

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